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Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds, also known as soft gauze blinds, rainbow blinds, dimming roller blinds, double roller blinds. It is a kind of textile woven from a small piece of fabric and gauze of equal width. When the gauze and gauze overlap, the light is softer, reducing direct light to a certain extent. When the curtain cloth and the curtain cloth overlap, the light is completely blocked, so as to finally achieve the purpose of blocking the light. When the curtain needs to be fully opened, the curtain can be completely rolled up.

Light-filtering Zebra Fabric

Our light-transmitting fabrics can resist ultraviolet rays very well and bring soft light into the room to achieve a bright indoor effect.

Dim-out Zebra Fabric

The shading fabric of zebra blinds can achieve more than 90% shading effect, creating a good sleeping environment.

zebra blinds: Features
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